About Laurel

Photo by Rennie Brown

Photo by Rennie Brown


My abstract paintings emerge over time with layers of texture, marks, and colour in a call-and-response-like manner. I lay down marks and they call for a response, asking me to take action. Each stroke or the brush or swipe of the palette knife informs and provokes the next mark. It’s like a conversation between me and the pencils, paints, and surfaces.

Each painting is a visual expression of the struggle inherent in this process, conveying themes I am fascinated by: the transition, struggle and growth that happens as we humans go through the process of developing throughout our lives. The process of painting mirrors the struggles we all experience just by living as a human being. There are peaks and valleys during this creative process — it can be both exhilarating and depressing. It can feel like an emotional rollercoaster. 

The struggles in the process of making a painting and the struggles in our lives contain a message that gives us information about the next decision we need to make. When I hit an obstacle in the process of creating a painting, I know I need to make a change in my approach. The obstacle is the message. It is telling me something.

Life will inevitably present struggles to each of us — to struggle is universal. I aim to celebrate the value of struggle in our lives through my paintings.

To arrange a studio visit or for pricing inquiries email or call 604 868 4838. 

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Painting is the most interesting activity I know. You start with a blank canvas and fill it up with something completely new — and the paint goes exactly where you put it. The awkwardness or brilliance of that stroke is yours, all yours. I am striving for less awkwardness (or perhaps just the right kind).

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My studio is in a big old warehouse building called the Parker Street Studios at 1000 Parker St. in Vancouver, chock-full of artist studios. I am an exhibiting artist at the Eastside Culture Crawl (Artist profile), which is an annual chance to visit my open studio, as well as many other artists.


My large pieces (36 x 36 in. – 56 x 64 in.) currently range from about $2000-3800. My medium pieces (18 x 24 in. – 36 x 36 in.) range from about $600-2000. Small pieces (8 x 10 in – 16 x 20 in.) range from about $190-550. 

Feel free to email me about any specific piece to get exact details. Payment plans can be arranged. 

Commissions may be arranged. Prices subject to change.