Interview by Catherine Sprod of Studio C Designs — February, 2019

Talented Vancouver interior designer Catherine Sprod reached out to me after seeing my work at a show and asked to come by for a studio visit, then after getting to know each other, she asked to arrange an interview and to take some shots in my studio of me working. Of course I said yes! Even though I rarely work with other people present, and especially not when others are watching —painting is a rather solitary activity after all — I pre-mixed a palette of paint colours and set it up. It worked fairly well, but then I reached a limit to how much I could paint without needing some alone time to mull over my next steps.

Thanks to Catherine for her lovely writing, thoughtful questions, and for spotlighting me as part of her new Spotlight On Art series. She even included audio clips! Check it all out!

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Media Coverage


The Vancouver Courier— November 24, 2015

Photo and article by Rebecca Blissett, for the Vancouver Courier

Photo and article by Rebecca Blissett, for the Vancouver Courier


Journalist Rebecca Blissett interviewed me in my studio for an article in the Vancouver Courier about the Culture Crawl and the Parker Street Studios. She also interviewed sculptor David Robinson, a long-time Parker Street Studios artist. Online and in print. 

The Vancouver Courier— November 19, 2015

The Vancouver Courier chose my studio shot to accompany an article about the 2016 Culture Crawl. Online and in print. 

Photo by Gyasi Bourne

The Globe and Mail— November 19, 2015

The Globe and Mail ran my studio photo along with an article highlighting the long history of the Culture Crawl. Online and in print. 

Photo by Gyasi Bourne