If They Don't Like You For Being Yourself, Be Yourself Even More

I know. Such a long title. But I am enjoying titling my paintings as much as painting them. (But it takes way less time than painting does.)

This a brand new painting and brand new painting direction. In fact it was still drying on the Thursday that the Crawl opened! 

I am pleased that it got so much attention and it sold to someone who loved it so much she bought it. (Thanks Ally!)

It is very gratifying to have others respond to a new painting direction. It helps me feel like I am going in a good direction, and is encouragement to keep going.

I think of myself as extremely intrinsically motivated. So it is almost confusing to me as to why I get such a charge from this obviously external form of validation. But paintings do imply an audience, so perhaps it is natural to be excited when an audience feels what I do for a painting.

Or maybe being able to offset my studio rent and expenses has something to do with it? That is nice too. 

I plan on exploring this direction further. It is so new I don't know what to think of it yet. It feels like shards of jewels, shattered light, or looking up through water. It seems to evoke many things. I find I like to have new work around for a while to kind of absorb it, see it our of the corner of my eye, and figure it out. It takes a while to really see it. But I won't have it around for long this time. I am simultaneously thrilled and sad to see it go. 


On the wall. 

Detail (iphone picture...)

Detail (iphone picture...)