The Fire We Flew Into

I wonder if that should be "in to" or "into""? The person that the title of this painting was inspired by would know. That friendship broke up recently. Which is so odd to have happen as an adult. It has had me thinking a lot about conflict and anger and what it takes to resolve problems. This painting reflects the heat and the blurry emotions that go with conflict.

It is so rare to me to have real conflict in my relationships. I had a lot of tumultuousness in my early relationships, so I thought I had dialed-in how to keep relationships on track, how to see issues before they form, how to stay on the same side. But apparently I forgot what a boundary was and let her cross them until I was angry. And once anger enters the picture it can be hard to get back to neutral. Lesson learned. Again. Sigh. 

Sometimes things need to blow up in order to get us to pay attention. I needed to be reminded of what a boundary is. This painting is all about paying attention.  

I really need to remember this lesson for next time. There is always a next time. Conflict is part of being human. So, most likely, I will get plenty of opportunities to practice.