The Culture Crawl 2015

The Culture Crawl is coming up soon! I will be opening my studio up and hanging out with the crowds who com e through. It is always a pretty fun experience. I get to meet a tonne of people take a break from my solitary existence as a painter, and hang out with my studio mates. I also get to run around when I take breaks and visit other artists in the building who also have their doors open, a rarity, for we are usually working hard on creating work. 

Visit me at Studio 224 at 1000 Parker, Parker Street Studios. If you get lost or if I am away, text me at 604-868-4838 and I will come back and meet you. I will be close by.

Nov. 19-22
Thursday & Friday 5–10pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am–6pm

Friday is the party night, but sadly no alcohol can be served at this event. I have noticed people walking around with cups and flasks, I wonder what they have in those? 

Saturday and Sunday morning tend to be the quietest times, best time to bring little ones. 5pm on Thursday and Friday is a pretty quiet time too.