Mayne Island Painting

Yes, my idea of a holiday is to paint even more. In fact, some of my resistance to "going away for the weekend" is not being able to paint. But when you are in a relationship, you should do what your partner wants to do now and then, right? So I packed a grocery bag full of six small panels and as much painting supplies as would fit in around them, and painted on Mayne Island. 

I have been painting so large lately that is has been a real pleasure to work on some smalls. One of the biggest struggles of working on large paintings has been how the scale changes everything. I  feel like I am relearning a lot. There is also so much more real estate to cover! It takes so much more time to cover the area with paint, and one main struggle is to keep the strokes fresh and active, the way I can on smaller pieces. It is a constant learning curve, this painting business.