My Opus Art Supplies Demo

This past Sunday I did a demo at Opus Art Supplies! They contacted me and invited me to do a demo on a topic of my choice. I spoke to an enthusiastic group for two hours about integrating mark-making into painting. This was my first (!) demo, so I was a little nervous ahead of time. But it went very smoothly and as soon as I started taking about using the materials, I knew I was among friends. Who else will come and geek out over painting techniques with me for two hours on a Sunday morning? Only other slightly obsessed creative types who were keen on discussing the nuances of how wet to keep your brush in order to attain a specific kind of mark, or just how much dry graphite to apply with the wet medium. 

Thanks to Ricky for organizing and to Opus inviting me! A big thanks to Opus for holding these kind of events for their customers (which includes me). It is an important way for artists to connect with each other. I wish we could have more opportunities to connect! As I said to my group during my demo, there are some conversations you can only have with other painters. 

I did not get a lot of shots — big thanks to Ricky for taking a few photos on my phone for me! This one above is my fave.

I prepared three boards ahead of time, getting them to different beginning stages in order to demonstrate the order of operations that is necessary when layering certain kinds of marks with paint. You can see in this photo above how simple they start out. Some things need to completely dry before moving on to a different medium, others need to be fixed with fixative before adding the next type of mark in order to avoid bleeding or smudging. 

I started three new ones in my Delicate Explosions series as examples to demonstrate on. The one in the foreground in the top/first photo is a recently completed painting, showing where the others would eventually end up. The other three panels were in very early, rudimentary stages — it was hard to hold back when I was working on them in preparation! I kept wanting to take the next steps, but I had to wait for the demo! I could have kept painting for much longer than the two-hour time slot. Painting live was easier than I thought. (Another first for me...)