Video Work

Before I committed to only painting, I was  a video artist for at least ten years. Eventually I realized all my videos looked more like paintings than videos, so I stopped. Seriously, I loved making videos, but I opted for a medium where I used my hands more and pushed pixels less. I already had too many screens in my life, so I cut back by stopping the video-making and returning to my first love, painting.

Here are two selections:


2008 / 5 min

Slipping is about losing your balance— we slip into depression, sink into numbness, stumble into chaos and slide into autopilot. Slipping considers the tenuous edge and painful intimacy of inner struggle that is that slide. We can never really know what others experience. We do, however, live with the constant tension between our inner existence and those inevitable external forces: the lover, the institution, society, protocol. One affects the other—and we are always negotiating this tension in order to find our balance.

Slipping is the silent sinking and creeping unsteadiness that reminds us that we are both alone and interconnected. This short piece resonates with viewers because the struggle is ambiguous—yet feels familiar. The question is left open: What are we slipping into? What is balance? What is our hidden struggle?

Slipping is a dark, beautiful, enigmatic refrain.

2008 / 5 minutes

Created with the assistance of the Canada Council For The Arts & The BC Arts Council



2004 / 4:44 min

Window is a study in planning. How many times will I start over again? How many times will you plan to change your life through a brand new exercise regime? This time you will stay with it, won’t you? How many of us live a life lived in expectation of what tomorrow will bring?

A young girl washes our anxious anticipation away, a reminder to slow down.

2004 / 4:44 Minutes 

Created with the assistance of the Canada Council For The Arts & The BC Arts Council